Abseiling window cleaning services by experts in Telford
We provide reliable abseiling window cleaning and maintenance services to clean areas that are difficult to reach.

Rope Access Cleaning Telford

Abseil Window Cleaning

We want to help you make a lasting impression by providing the right type of window cleaning, using both traditional and modern methods such as abseiling window cleaning.

At Interclean EMS Ltd, we use various methods such as cradles, mechanical access machinery, abseiling and the Reach & Wash systems to ensure all windows receive a thorough clean with the minimum of fuss.

Our rope access window cleaning service in Telford is subject to comprehensive site-specific risk assessments and method statements as part of our thorough health and safety site documentation. Health and safety are always of paramount importance to us. Our team of professional abseil window cleaners ensures that all current legislation, best practices, and safety procedures are followed at all times.

What is abseil maintenance?

Abseil maintenance is a form of work that allows experienced technicians to access work sites using methods originally derived from climbing and caving. These methods have been improved upon and implemented into the off-shore, construction and maintenance industries.

How does the IRATA help in abseil maintenance?

  • An IRATA rope access and abseil maintenance technician always has fall protection attachments, each having an independent anchorage point
  • A minimum of two rope access maintenance technicians are required for any job
  • All technicians are independently assessed
  • Training includes rescue procedures
  • When ropes support the worker, each of the worker’s ropes will have a fail-safe descent and safety mechanism
  • All secondary tools and equipment are attached by lanyards to the worker’s harness
  • All equipment is regularly inspected and maintained
  • Codes of practice and working systems have been carefully refined over the years by the HSE and IRATA

We provide commercial cleaning services for customers in Telford and its surrounding areas. Contact us for advice and site visits to discuss your rope access and abseil maintenance needs.

Rope Access Window Cleaners in Telford

Are you looking for professional abseil window cleaners in Telford? Get in touch with Interclean EMS Ltd today to discuss your cleaning requirements.

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